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Why Acro Factory?

If you are not already sold on having cirque entertainers at your next event, perhaps we can persuade you with our vision. The truth is, at Acro Factory we actually have an ulterior motive for promoting our services and performers. As much as we want to be part of your event, Acro Factory’s  main goal is to spread inspiration and joy to anyone who is willing to receive it. Our company provides free resources for young performance artists trying to get their big break in the entertainment world.  This is part of a system which we use to help educate, develop and eventually employ as many talented, aspiring performers and entertainers as we can. Our aim is to help them not only learn the foundations of high-level acrobatic disciplines, but business, life and success skills along the way. We truly believe that the superhuman feats of strength, agility, flexibility and grace can be used as a springboard for inspiration for anyone who is trying to accomplish anything in life that seems a bit out of reach. Many of our performers did not start out as world-class athletes, or even proficient ones, but learned that with discipline, focus, education and patience the impossible could become possible. We want to share this ambitious view of the world with our clients. If you are a company seeking to catalyze ingenuity and creativity from your team or you are looking for a dose of inspiration to share with friends, family and associates, we want to be there to help you.

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