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What is a Spotlight Act?  A spotlight act (sometimes referred to as a stand-alone act or single song performance) is a one-off performance, generally choreographed to music. Most Spotlight acts run approximately 5 minutes in length. Pricing for these acts can vary depending on the equipment needs of the performer, as well as the demand for their particular act or the celebrity of the performer themselves. Most spotlight performers also offer their skills as AMBIANCE performances, often in the same evening or at the same event. (read more about ambiance entertainment below)


Acro Factory offers spotlight acts at 2 performances per evening OR 3, roaming/ ambiance sets (improvised) 10 to 15 minutes per. Discounts are available when multiple acts are booked. Act pricing is largely determined by the number of performers in the act, although the price per performer will reduce slightly as more performers are added. Spotlight acts generally are presented as:

Solo (1 Performer)

Duo (2 Performers)

Trio (3 Performer)

Group Act (4 or more)




Aerial acts are available; however, they also require rigging!  Acro Factory offers a freestanding aerial rig (up to 30' high) free of charge when any 2 or more performers are booked for the evening. Aerial act pricing is similar to Spotlight Act pricing, with the potential added cost of rigging needs beyond our included rig.


Why would I need additional rigging? 


Rigging can greatly effect the aesthetics of an act. While the freestanding rig is cost effective, it does have some limitations.

  • 1) it is a fixed point and therefore does not allow for flight (up and down) of the performers.

  • 2) Freestanding rigs require a rather large footprint (30' x 30') which can be obstructive in an event setting.

  • 3) Certain acts are not available on static points

Rigging Options:

There are a number of solutions to improving your aerial performance.

1) Truss Build out (With pullers or motor/winch)

2) Ceiling Rigging (With pullers or motor/winch)

Pricing for truss installation and pulley system or motor/ winch is quoted per project. Many venues have in house trussing they require use of. 3rd party riggers and vendors are available for winch installation and operation.



Roaming Characters, (aka Ambiance Characters) and Go-Go Dancers, include a wide variety of performances, styles, costumes and props. Price per performer is lower than that of a specialty act, however Acro Factory requires a minimum of 3 roaming characters booked per evening, or unlimited roaming characters when one or more Spotlight Act is booked. Roaming character sets are generally presented in 10, 15 or 30 minute sections (3 per night). Couture costuming and larger props may incur additional fees.


** Many Spotlight acts also offer ambiance sets between acts **



Acro Factory considers a full show to be any 4 or more acts, performing back-to-back. at 5 minutes per act, show lengths begin at 20 minutes. We offer custom show builds up to 90 minutes in length.  Depending on the acts chosen, show pricing can vary. There are also a number of other factors that can affect final cost:


- Lighting

- AV (background monitor, we can provide content)

- Staging

- DJ/ MC


** All above additions can be provided by Acro Factory as well for an additional expense.**

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